"Devin is the Heart Nurse we all needed but were too scared to ask for. She is relentless in her giving and fearless in her storytelling. Rural, Pacific North West drawl and an innate knack for writing so thick with character you can damn near smell it. Devin’s work is the complex marriage of grace and ferocity. Yes, she is a knockout performer, but the gritty pulse of her writing is what steals the show."

/  Desiree Dallagiacomo, FORWARD ARTS BATON ROUGe /


"Devin isn't the worst."

/  Wendy, of Wendy's  /


"As a producer and fellow comic I’ve had the pleasure of working with Devin Devine many times. Devin always provides a level of professional consistency and never disappoints. When booking talent, I always look for people who cannot only entertain, but are a treat to work with - which she provides every time. Devin is a multi-talented entertainer - from comedy, poetry, improv, acting and more - who I’m happy to count as a peer and friend."

/  Deece Casillas, the social Hour POdcast  /


"Devin has performed before."

/  Tom hanks  /